Posted by: Team Joan | December 19, 2011

No to the Household TAX

From January 1st households will be faced with yet another demand from the government that ordinary people cough up yet more to pay for the crimes of the banks and developers. This time it’s the €100 household tax. Many people, especially those on welfare, won’t be able to pay, but even if you can afford it, don’t pay.

This is your opportunity to say NO, enough is enough. You will be asked to register and to make a payment of either a €100 for the year or four installments of €25.  The government estimates that some 1.6 million households are eligible to pay this tax. This is our opportunity. We can build a mass campaign of civil disobedience, with over a million households involved by refusing to register and pay.

This is not just about a €100. It is about every cut in the last five budgets, it is about the USC, it is about the pension levy, it is about bleeding our country dry to pay for the gambling debts of a greedy elite.

The No to the Household Tax Campaign is asking people not to register before the end of March, which is the time you have to register by. We will then hold a national conference before the end of March and assess the level of non payment. We believe we will have sufficient support to make the tax uncollectible. We have been sold out by the Labour Party, We have been sold out by the trade union leaders, but this time it’s up to us. You can make a difference by not registering and not paying. (see bar above for more details on No the Household Tax Campaign)

We will be calling meetings for householders throughout Dublin South Central towards the end of January. Please come along and get involved. Wishing you all a happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. Joan Collins TD.

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