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Prom Note legal challenge to be heard in October.

I was in court again this week on the issue of the legality of the promissory note payments to Anglo, Irish Nationwide, and EBS. A date has now been set to hear the case before three judges on October 3rd. I am challenging the constitutionality of these payments.
Article 26 of the Constitution requires a vote in the Dail before public money can be spent. There was no vote in the Dail on the prom notes payments. I a new development the Central bank are now resisting making certain documents available for the case. The judges will rule on this in October. Watch this space.

At a selection convention on Tuesday the 9th of July for the United Left in Dublin South Central, Cllr Pat Dunne to run in Crumlin Kimmage and Brian Stafford were chosen to run in Ballyfermot / Drimnagh Local Election Areas respectively.
Joan Collins TD will be acting as director of elections for both candidates. Despite the recent boundary changes splitting natural neighbourhoods, Joan Collins TD, Cllr Pat Dunne and Brian Stafford said they will continue to work as a team for the whole of Dublin South Central. Read More…

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X-Case legislation- Are they mad?

The proposals which Health Minister James O’Reilly has brought to the cabinet in relation to legislation on the X-Case are scandalous. These proposals involve a woman experiencing a crisis pregnancy and suicidal as a result having to face an inquisition of medical experts before obtaining an abortion. First she would go before a panel of three, their decision would be reviewed by a different panel of three, and if there was an appeal, it would be heard by a panel of six others.
The message is clear. If you want an abortion, regardless of the circumstances, get yourself to Liverpool. Read More…

Public service workers have voted by two to one to reject to reject the government’s intention to impose cuts in their pay, working conditions and jobs. Workers who have already taken pay cuts of 14% to 20% have said enough is enough; we have no more to give.
Austerity isn’t working and everybody knows it. Why should workers take more cuts to their income, reducing their spending power and thereby adding to the crisis? The No vote is a huge and well deserved slap in the face for union leaders like David Begg and jack O’Connor.
They repeatedly make the point that austerity can’t solve the crisis and that we need economic growth and jobs to get out of the mess. Why then did they negotiate and try to sell a deal for more austerity? There should be no more deals based on managing austerity. The trade unions should come out fighting and play the role they were founded for.
They should now lead a militant campaign to end all austerity, including strike action. The unemployed, pensioners, welfare recipients, students will all respond to a lead from union organised workers who have the power to take on this government.

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Joan Collins in Dail on ballyfermot youth services.

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Property Tax protest.

I was very pleased to be a speaker at last Saturday’s property tax protest march in Dublin. I thought it was very fitting that our new lords and masters from the EU were ensconced in Dublin Castle, the seat of colonial power in Ireland for a thousand years.
Despite the bad weather, the march was very lively and militant, with some 7,000 to 8,000 on it. It was good to see so many from around the country organising buses to get them to Dublin for the day. The sea of red cards for the government and the Troika was brilliant.
Some people will be disappointed with the turnout as it was essentially a hardcore of activists from around the country that came out on the day. While extremely angry with tax on the family home, especially when so many are struggling with their mortgage payments, there is a mood also that the draconian powers given to the revenue make it very difficult to resist the tax.
However, as I said on Saturday, a campaign of protests to put huge pressure on government TDs, and especially Labour, at their clinics and whenever they appear in public will have a big effect. Combining this with a real hammering for the government parties at the local and EU elections next year will pay dividends. It may take a change of government but this tax can be defeated.
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Dampness in Local Authority housing.

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Magdalenes. Government must pay up.

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24/7 workers are right to say enough is enough

Over 4,000 nurses and other health workers, ambulance and fire crews, Gardai and other public sector workers who work 24/7 held a fantastic and militant rally in Tallaght this week. They are in my opinion absolutely right in saying they can’t, and won’t take any further cuts in pay.
These workers have already taken an across the board 14% cut in pay. Now a further 10% cut is being demanded. The question of overtime rates, premium rates for shift work, for Sundays and unsocial hours in general are important for all workers. Read More…

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Joan Collins opposses water privatisation in the Dail.

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